Thursday, March 31, 2011

End Of An Era

When I started this project, it was a challenge I made to myself. I wanted to see if I could live up to the pressure of having a daily deadline for producing a cartoon, even while working at my regular job. There were some changes since this all began: I went from thirty hours a week at work to forty (or, in the case of this most recent week, fifty). I also went from the day shift to the night shift. Still, I got through somehow and didn't miss a deadline.

365 days later, the project is complete. I feel this proves that I can live up to the pressures of drawing a daily syndicated cartoon or strip, and I got to use a lot of other styles (some mine, some others') of cartooning I've been meaning to try.

To those of you who were following this page, I thank you, but this project is now complete. I'm sorry there won't be any new material here, but I'll still be drawing and making art in other ways. Who knows, maybe at some point, I'll go back to drawing more of these if things turn out the way I hope.

Thanks for watching!
-Vic Fieger